Which IHS Online Course is right for you?

So you are thinking about studying online, but not sure which course in hospitality or business is the one for you?Online study is the perfect way to learn while you’re still working as it has the flexibility of fitting in with your schedule and allows you to study independently.  However when faced with the large selection of hospitality training courses on this website, it can be hard to narrow down your choices.

We’ve put together some key questions for you to work through to help you make the right decision.  You will need to work out what you want to get out of your course, and what option would best suit your schedule, commitments and career goals.

Are you studying for Knowledge or for a Qualification?  Are you wanting to do the course to boost your knowledge or expertise in a subject (a short course might be enough for you) or do you want a hospitality management qualification (Like our Higher Certificate or Diploma programmes) to help you get that promotion you are after?  Are you looking to change your career path?  If so then one qualification might be better than another.  The answers to these questions are the first steps towards the decision making for you. 


To help you with your selection the website has a handy search system where you can set the price, the duration, focus area and whether you are looking for a short course (non examinable) or a full qualification (Higher Certificates and Diplomas) as well as area of interest.

What are the entry requirements for the course?  Do you meet these requirements?  Even if you left school without a qualification, that doesn’t mean you can’t enter tertiary study. Ask one of our consultants what the alternatives are – you might be able to do another course first to help you gain entry into a higher qualification course such as a diploma, or you might qualify for age exemption.

Where will it take you Is the qualification registered?  Is it recognised either in South Africa or in another country?  How well recognised is the course in the workplace?  What jobs will this qualification lead to?  Keep your end goal in mind.

When do you want to start studying? Look out for the start date for each course to see how soon you can enrol and get on your way. 

How long is the course?  All of our modules are 10 weeks, and require you to spend between 5 – 10 hours a week on the course work to complete the assignments, participate in group discussions and thoroughly understand and absorb the course material.  The short courses often comprise of one set of 10 weeks, whilst the specialisation and full qualification courses comprise of a number of 10 week modules.  Depending on your work schedule it might be advisable to do 4 modules a year – ie: one module per 10 weeks – if you are doing a longer programme. 

The amount of available time you have as well as your family and other commitments will be a large influence in your decision.  It is important that you pick a course that fits your needs, goals and circumstances, and then that you commit to it so that you can complete it.

Where can I get more information? Our consultants are on hand to help with all your questions – simply contact us on Live Chat during working hours, email online@hotelschool.co.za and they will contact you, call +27 31 536 6650, or alternatively you can fill in an enquiry form on the website.  They are there to help you with your Online Hospitality Management journey.