Retail Management for Spas



– Duration –

10 weeks (5–10 hours per week).


– Course fees –

R6,700 (inclusive of all textbooks and examination fees, excludes textbook delivery costs).


– Certification –

Graduates receive an AHLEI Certificate for each module completed as well as an IHS Short Course Certificate.

Course Description

This course explores the importance of retail operations to spas, how to manage them, design them, choose and sell products, market a retail area, and open a new retail operation. It fully explores retail planning, inventory management, maximising profits, sales and service, visual merchandising, and marketing within the spa environment. This course will help aspiring spa professionals increase their retail knowledge and understanding of vendor partner relationships.


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What does the programme cover?

  • The importance of retail operations to the spa, its guests, and its employees.
  • Retail planning and how trends and classifications contribute to retail sales planning.
  • Purchasing strategies and methods for selecting vendors, forming partnerships and forming partnerships.
  • Outline the tasks involved in inventory management and recordkeeping.
  • The retail operation’s financial performance.
  • Effective selling.
  • Visual merchandising techniques.
  • Preparing and executing a marketing plan.
  • Tasks that must be performed for a successful retail opening.



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