Food Safety: Managing with the HACCP Process

This course may carry credits towards the Higher Certificate in Food and Beverage Management (SAQA ID 88063, NQF Level 5) if certain conditions are met 


– Duration –

10 weeks (5–10 hours per week).


– Course fees –

R6,700 (inclusive of all textbooks and examination fees, excludes textbook delivery costs).


– Certification –

Graduates receive an AHLEI Certificate for each module completed as well as an IHS Short Course Certificate.

Course Description

This module presents a systems approach to food safety that answers public health concerns, reduces sanitation risks, and ensures satisfaction for food establishment guests, staff members, and owners. This online food and safety course further explores the implementation of sanitation quality, cost control, and risk reduction standards in a food service operation.


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What does the programme cover?

  • Control points in the food service system.
  • HACCP principles and plan
  • The temperature danger zone (TDZ)
  • Causes of food contamination, infections, and intoxications.
  • Handling a foodborne illness complaint.
  • Personal health and hygiene practices necessary in a food establishment.
  • Menu planning and purchasing control points.
  • Inventory controls, standards, and procedures at the receiving control point.
  • Inventory classification, perpetual and physical inventory systems, and other inventory control measures.
  • The issuing control point.
  • Special food safety concerns and reduction of risks at the preparing control point.
  • The cooking control point, and measures for reducing risks at this control point.
  • Measures for protecting food at the holding and serving control points.
  • Food safety responsibilities for food servers.
  • Proper use and care of equipment at the serving control point.
  • Types of soil found in food service operations, and describe cleaning agents and sanitisers.



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