Planning and Control for Food and Beverage Operations

This course may carry credits towards the Higher Certificate in Hospitality Management (SAQA ID 88062, NQF Level 5) and the Higher Certificate in Food and Beverage Management (SAQA ID 88063, NQF Level 5), if certain conditions are met

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10 weeks (5–10 hours per week)

Course Fees

R6 700(inclusive of all textbooks and examination fees, excludes textbook delivery costs).


Students receive the IHS and AHLEI Short Course Certificate after successful completion.

Course Description

Learn the most up-to-date control processes used to reduce costs in food and beverage operations worldwide. Topics include information on multi-unit management, and technology applications. This course also includes cutting-edge resources for food and beverage professionals.

What does the programme cover?

  • Commercial and non-commercial food service operations.
  • Distinguishing revenue centres from support centres in hospitality organisations.
  • Control procedures aimed at helping managers assess operational results.
  • Food service control points.
  • The operating budget as a planning and control tool.
  • Factors that influence menu planning strategies.
  • Standard yields for food products.
  • Calculation of standard portion costs and standard dinner costs for food items on the basis of standard recipes and standard portion sizes.
  • Factors influencing the purchasing of food products.
  • Physical and perpetual inventory systems and turnover rate.
  • Automated technology applications designed for inventory management.
  • Food production requirements and planning.
  • The FIFO, LIFO, actual cost, and weighted average methods to calculate the value of products in inventory.
  • Server banking and cashier banking systems.
  • Using point-of-sale reports as revenue control tools.
  • Reduction of theft.
  • Orientation programs, training programs, and employee performance evaluations.
  • Fixed and variable labour in relation to food and beverage operations.

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