Managing Technology in the Hospitality Industry


10 weeks (5–10 hours per week)


R7 300 (inclusive of all textbooks and examination fees, excludes textbook delivery costs).


Students receive the IHS and AHLEI Short Course Certificate after successful completion.


This course provides an overview of the information needs of lodging properties and food service establishments; addresses essential aspects of computer systems, such as hardware, software, and generic applications; focuses on computer-based property management systems for both front office and back office functions; examines features of computerised restaurant management systems; describes hotel sales computer applications, revenue management strategies, and accounting applications; addresses the selection and implementation of computer systems; focuses on managing information systems; and examines the impact of the Internet and private intranets on the hospitality industry.

Topics covered

  • Criteria used to evaluate hospitality technology applications.
  • Common technology systems used in hospitality operations.
  • Components necessary for a complete computer system—input/output devices, a central processing unit, and external storage devices.
  • Ways in which hospitality businesses use technology to gain and process reservations.
  • The rooms management module.
  • The guest accounting module.
  • PMS interfaces, including point-of-sale systems, call accounting systems, energy management systems, electronic locking systems, and guest-operated devices.
  • Hardware configurations of POS systems used by food service operations.
  • Food and beverage management applications, including those concerning recipe and menu management, sales analysis, and pre/post- costing.
  • The automated sales office.
  • Revenue management principles.
  • Catering software.
  • Accounting applications that are available to hospitality businesses.
  • Components of information management, with special attention to data processing and database management.
  • Threats to technology systems and the security precautions that should be taken to keep those systems safe.
  • Technology system maintenance.
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