Food Science and Design


10 weeks (5–10 hours per week)


R7 300 (inclusive of all textbooks and examination fees, excludes textbook delivery costs).


Students receive the IHS Short Course Certificate after successful completion.


Food: A journey of flavour-filled twists and turns embraced by the atomic alliance of cooking methods, seasonings and spices.

And, indeed, a meal should be an experience that satisfies the ravenous desires of every palette. Food is more than a means of daily sustenance. But how does one create such a memorable journey at every meal? While experience is a prerequisite for delivering a good meal, it is knowledge that truly livens food preparations.

Food Science and Design has been crafted to awaken the foodie in you to becoming a Master Chef. This course has kept in mind the broader spectrum of food enthusiasts and extends its reach to Chefs and Hobbyists alike, with an added beneficial appeal to Food and Beverage Operators, Photographers, Entrepreneurs and Bloggers.

This course breaks down the molecules of food to the very core of their historic origins. Ultimately, it is bound to make you an Einstein in the kitchen.

Topics covered

  • Food Science (gastronomy of food)
  • Food Culture
  • Food Technology
  • Food Marketing and Communication
  • Food Photography
  • Food Styling
  • Food Packaging
  • Food Menu Creation
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