Frequently Asked Questions

How does online learning work?

When you are enrolled for a subject you will receive an email with a user name and password together with the commencement date for the subject. A subject will typically run over a number of weeks with due dates for submission every week. Every week will include tasks e.g. assignments, multiple choice questions, short questions and forum discussions. In addition you will have access to other resources recommended by your lecturer e.g. web sites, video clips and articles.

What do I need in order to do online learning?

At minimum you require an entry level desktop, laptop or notebook computer with Windows, Microsoft Office and Internet connectivity. In addition you will require an email account e.g. Gmail or Yahoo. An anti-virus programme which is updated regularly is a necessity.

What if I don’t have my own computer?

Having your own computer is preferable as this will allow for more flexibility and convenience.

How much Internet will I use?

Online learning requires little data usage. Most of the worksheets and tasks can be downloaded and completed off-line. As soon as you have completed your work you will have to reconnect and then submit for marking. Additional research will of course increase your data usage.

What if I’ve never worked on a computer much?

If you are able to send an email or chat on Facebook you will be able to do online learning! We are here to support you so please ask if you require assistance.

What if my computer crashes?

As with any academic work the responsibility lies with you to ensure that your work is backed- up and submitted weekly within the deadlines. Ensure that you have an anti-virus programme installed which is updated regularly when you go online.

How are my marks calculated?

The composition of your course mark will be explained to you at the outset of each course. In most subjects online learning contributes 50%. The final exam contributes a further 50%. In other subjects your online activity will constitute you entire final mark. Your online learning mark will comprise of a number of different tasks which may include research, case study as well as multiple choice questions. Your participation in discussions will in some courses also contribute to your final mark.

When and where do I complete the final exam?

Final examinations take place on campus. Please refer to the national exam timetables for your chosen course.

What if I miss a deadline?

If you have not submitted your work by the deadline you will receive a zero score for the activity which will negatively affect of your overall mark. Unfortunately the system does not allow for extensions or re-submissions. If you have received a zero grade you will have to ensure that you work extra hard in subsequent weeks to make up for this. Leaving work for the last minute is a dangerous practice. Circumstances beyond your control for example connectivity problems could prevent you from submitting your work which will result in a failed submission.

Can I email my work to the tutor?

Unfortunately you may not submit work using email. The system allows your tutor to mark your work, keep a database of your marks as well keeping an electronic archive of all your submissions.

What if I need help?

If you experience any technical difficulties open a ticket at the Support Centre (a link appears at the top of the home page). For academic queries please feel free to contact your lecturer through the site. Please remember that in addition to sending your tutor a message on the system, they are always a phone or Skype call away.

What is Work-Integrated Learning?

In certain programmes you will be required to complete a period of Work-Integrated Learning. This means that you will be required to undertake full-time employment within the hospitality industry so that you are able to apply concepts to the real world of work. The onus would be on you to secure a suitable placement, and must be approved by International Hotel School in advance. During this time you will be required to spend time in various functional departments according to the criteria of the programme. Regular online assignments, employer evaluations and other tasks are completed online.

I have not received my study material. What can I do?

Please contact the relevant administrator immediately. Please take note that International Hotel School cannot be held responsible for delays caused by third parties e.g. postal strikes.

What textbooks do I need to purchase?

All prescribed textbooks are included in your fees. The purchase of all additional and recommended sources will be for your own account. Repeating students may need to purchase additional textbooks as editions change.

I need technical help. What can I do?

Follow the support link at the top of the page or go to open a support ticket.

I need academic help. What can I do?

Please make contact with your lecturer via messaging.