Spa Management: Not An Afterthought

Great Spa Management can increase your revenue producing outlet substantially at any establishment. When considering to hire a Spa Manager, you shouldn’t only hire someone who has good interpersonal skills, but someone who is well trained, adept, seasoned and understands all nuances of guest service. International Hotel School Online offers a Retail Management Training Course for Spas that is specifically designed to ensure that, that students learn and explore the importance of retail operations to spas, how to manage them, design them, choose and sell products, market a retail area, and open a new retail operation. It fully explores retail planning, inventory management, maximising profits, sales and service, visual merchandising, and marketing within the spa environment. This course will help aspiring spa professionals increase their retail knowledge and understanding of vendor partner relationships. We have put together a few tips to make sure you’re staying on top of the game and setting yourself up for success.

Retail Management Courses

1. Know Your Target Market

It is vital to know how to make the right pitch to the right set of people. Spa Marketing is about knowing what motivates your target market, they don’t always search for bargains. Some clients have very specific needs that need to be met, these clients if handled correctly become repeat business for your establishment and remain lifelong clientele.

“Training and clear communication are keys to successful performance, productivity and consistency.”

– Veronica DeMarti, Wellness Manager, Three Springs Spa at Barton Creek Resort

2. Enable And Encourage Employees

Having well trained staff ensures that your spa employs members that will be able to connect with customers and offer the best possible service experience to create repeat business and loyal clientele.

Once you’ve got a solid, well-trained staff in place, adding extra enticements can help motivate and retain your employees. As an employer do all you can to encourage your spa practioners to exchange massage sessions with each other. This will keep them healthy, they will be able to learn different massage therapy techniques as well as avoid burning out and increase their repertoire with each other.

3. Create Value

When creating spa specials and packages you first need to determine what concept or theme you would like to portray and who is your target market. Specials may be determined by numerous things; holidays, wellness programs or even by promoting the property itself.

Retail Management Course IHS Online

What does the programme cover?

  • The importance of retail operations to the spa, its guests, and its employees.
  • Retail planning and how trends and classifications contribute to retail sales planning.
  • Purchasing strategies and methods for selecting vendors, forming partnerships and forming partnerships.
  • Outline the tasks involved in inventory management and recordkeeping.
  • Retail operation’s financial performance.
  • Effective selling.
  • Visual merchandising techniques.
  • Preparing and executing a marketing plan.
  • Tasks that must be performed for a successful retail opening.

Join our online course and explore Retail Management for Spas. Course fees are R5, 650 inclusive of all textbooks and examination fees (excludes textbook delivery costs) and graduates receive the IHS Short Course Certificate as well as an AHLEI award.

If you would like to know more about the course, or if you would like to talk to one of our consultants about online study, please give us a call on 0861 44 33 00 or email