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Regardless of how well your restaurant, bar or F&B outlet is doing, there are always a few ways you can improve things and take your restaurant to the next level. A good leader adapts to change, learns new skills, improves on existing skills and tries new methods - there are always ways you can take your hospitality management to the pinnacle of success and create a brilliant dining experience that keeps customers coming back over and over again. IHS Online offers brilliant Online Hospitality Studies courses to aid you in stepping up your skills, one being our Leadership and Management in the Hospitality Industry Course. Here are a few tips we put together to become an exceptional restaurant leader.

Step 1: Get involved, make time and talk to your customers and staff

It’s not enough these days to simply be on site and overseeing the operations of your restaurant. You must also be involved in the day to day running of each and every department (cash, sales, service, kitchen and so on) and get to know your customers. Only when you talk to them do you understand where your food or service shortcomings are. Equally, when you talk to your staff during service, you get to understand why cash-ups fail, how the wrong equipment can impact service, or how a lack of training makes a negative impact on service delivery and so on. The restaurant business in not for the faint-hearted. It’s a fast-paced environment that requires hours of work and commitment. Don’t slack off - be involved and take the time to know your team and your customers.

Step 2: Learn new technologies and strategies

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These days, smartphones allow customers to be mini-reporters or food critics. Embrace that fact and encourage your customers to review you on social networks or through apps like TripAdvisor or Eat Out. Don’t be afraid to encourage feedback. If you’re running a great operation, you have nothing to worry about. And if you have an oopsie, respond, learn, correct and move on. We learn through our failures so don’t panic if you have a few. Also, you can embrace new technologies to market yourself, promote your specials, invite guests to events and so much more. Make time every month to learn a new technology that will add value to your business.

Step 3: Read, educate yourself and stay on trend

There are many great books available to guide you on the business front. Whether it’s a how-to guide for working out your profit margins or a book on managing and motivating teams - read, read and read some more. Books are one of the most valuable tools you can make use of in business. Additionally, read online articles, news, trend reports, insights, forecasts and industry blogs - all these things help to keep you up to date with industry changes and vital business information. Never stop reading!

Step 4: Know what your competitors are doing

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You can learn a lot from your competitors. You can learn about their strengths and your weaknesses or the other way around. Marketing guru Michael Hunter offers three reasons why you should know your competitors: 1 - you can learn from their mistakes; 2 - you can model what works for them and 3 - they reveal opportunities in the marketplace. Conduct a competitor analyses regularly and learn where you can improve things or tap into new markets.

Step 5: Get a brilliant mentor

Being the boss doesn’t always mean you have all the answers. It’s important for your sanity and your professional growth to have a mentor who can guide you, support you and criticise you in a safe and helpful environment. Don’t pick a friend - pick someone with plenty of experience who is willing to share their expertise and help you improve yourself and your business.

Restaurant managers who stand the test of time will tell you how valuable their team are, how important it is to connect with customers and how valuable it is to give back to the community and be a part of a community. Never rest on your laurels, rather, keep innovating, keep changing and keep improving what you do every day. Be a leader and others will follow.

Our Leadership and Management in the Hospitality Industry Course explores management and leadership issues in the hospitality industry, including power and empowerment, communication, goal setting, high performance teams, diversity, managing organisational change, and strategic career planning. Students learn that they shouldn’t manage without leading as well as why traditional management theories don’t fit today’s industry.

What does the programme cover?

  • Organisational change.
  • The functions of management.
  • Contemporary views of leadership.
  • Quality management.
  • -improvement process and tools.
  • Types and sources of organisational and personal power.
  • The communication process, and barriers to effective communication.
  • Setting, coaching and handling organisational conflict.
  • Team development.
  • The changing work force and diversity.
  • Analysing your personal skills, interests, values, and personality type.
  • Ethics and common ethical issues in the hospitality industry.

Join our online campus and explore our IHS Online Hospitality Studies Courses you wont regret it! If you would like to know more about the course, or if you would like to talk to one of our consultants about online study, please give us a call on 0861 44 33 00 or email online@hotelschool.co.za