Hotel Marketing 101

The most important thing when it comes to marketing in the hospitality industry is developing a strategy that acknowledges the new age of digital and social media. Our International Hotel School Online course in Hospitality Sales and Marketing will assist you with all the information you require to take your hotel to the pinncale of success. This Hospitality Sales and Marketing module examines the development and implementation of a marketing plan, which includes the sale of rooms, food and beverage services to business and leisure travellers, travel agents, and meeting planners. The importance of Global Distribution Systems (GDS), digital channels and other technologies are considered as important elements in the distribution of the hospitality product which will also be covered in the course. Here are some quick marketing tips to help you get the ball rolling…

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1. Have a Blog

This could be a very important tool if leveraged correctly. Your blog can be used to put information on activites happening within and around your establishment, be it from dining, to shopping and nightlife. Blogs assist your establishment greatly in search engine optimization. Create content that your guests will be interested in reading over and above the products and service that you offer.

2. Manage your online reputation

The key here is to actively engage and manage your online reputation. If you are inviting guests to give you feedback on their experience, make sure to respond to all reviews with a “thank you, we look forward to your next stay with us’ if it is negative feedback, then take the necessary actions to reolve as soon as possible.

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3. Invite guests to join your social community

Ask guests to post their trip experience and pictures on your social channels. This creates content on your pages, as well as creates an appeal to the public and other interested guests to pay your establishment a visit. Ask guests to check in on FourSquare and Facebook; this is very useful to your establishment in creating credibility.

4. Embrace food porn

In this age of social media, food pictures live-on way after it has even been digested. Food appearance os now key to all hoteliers.

5. Train your staff on how to take pictures

More often than not, you are at a bar or having dinner and you want all your friends and family to be in the picture, but one person is left to take the picture. Train your staff to be on the ball and proactive in helping your guests with the pictures. Even if you have to do quick photo taking skills sessions with employees, this will really addvalue to your establishment.

6. Virtual tours are all the rage

One major challenge guests always face when picking a hotel room, is how will the room look? By implementing a virtual tour on your website, prospective guests are provided with a visual experience of the value they will receive. This in turn removes one barrier from the purchasing process.

7. Video interview guests

Interviewing guests about their stay will give prospective customers a more honest perspective and will be much more credible to your brand. You can provide discounts to people who are willing to go on camera for their next stay.

8. Create social media competitions

This is always a win, everyone loves freebies! Try to get guests to send in pictures of their stay and experience; and the best picture wins a free stay.

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Ultimately hotels are an essential component of many travel plans, but how do you become the hotel of choice for travelers within your community? It begins with rethinking your overall marketing plan. What makes your hotel better than any other competitor hotel in your community? When you are able to show people the value that they will receive for their investment into your organization, you will definitely increase your rate of bookings on a regular basis.

We hoped the above tips have helped you a little, if you require more assistance in formalizing your hospitality marketing knowledge, cone study our International Hotel School Online course in Hospitality Sales and Marketing.