Future Proof Your Career with IHS Online

Are you contemplating reasons of why you should opt to study online rather than at a traditional campus? Would you like to improve your skills, knowledge and career prospects? We understand this and introduce you to The International Hotel School Online Campus, where you can achieve all this without committing to study full time. IHS Online is one of the top online schools in South Africa, with over forty courses on offer, there is literally something for everyone’s needs and wants.

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The Future is ONLINE

Have you ever wondered if online learning will be around in 20 years’ time? Have you ever considered that online study may one day become as popular as traditional classroom-based study? We’re here to explain why we think online study has a future that is most certainly bright and positive…

As Africa’s Leading Online Hotel School, IHS Online has grown significantly in recent years. This transformation of study to a digital platform has exploded because communication, collaboration and information sharing has never been easier - everyone has a tablet or smartphone and access to the internet. Online learning is not only part of the present - it has a significant place in the future of the hospitality industry too.

What was once limited to classroom interaction and face to face tuition has now been matched by a multi-dimensional level of study that involves both personal instruction and cutting-edge online technologies such as blogs, wikis, social networking, user-generated content and video conferencing. All these digital tools allow Higher Education institutions new ways to educate students who have the opportunity to network online, collaborate on group projects, access e-books instead of paper-based books and they can get assistance from lecturers through skype or other online platforms. It’s safe, reliable and fast becoming the study method of choice for many hoteliers.

The availability of digital devices and internet access offers an abundance of study opportunities to students who wish to learn more about the hospitality industry, even if they are already employed. It also gives tutors a chance to assist with specific subject-related queries, and it offers students a chance to collaborate with other students in a real-time and real-environment capacity.

IHS Online Top Online Schools in South Africa

Here are a few reasons Online Study is so popular amongst hoteliers today:

  • It offers flexibility and convenience - you can study when you want, where you want. It fits into any schedule.
  • Recent research has shown that online education can be just as, if not more, effective than in-classroom instruction.
  • Online study offers students a chance to enjoy lifelong learning - to continuously improve and evolve through constant online growth and development.
  • Studying online means you become part of a community of like-minded professionals in pursuit of your career goals.
  • By harnessing a variety of online teaching tools, tutors are able to continually monitor and assess students. They are then able to optimise course content to help individuals overcome any academic challenges as they happen.
  • Course content is quality assured and certification is offered for short courses, single subjects, specialisations, Higher Certificates and Diplomas.
  • Online study is a financially viable study option for many - you can enjoy discounts for early payments or you can sign up for courses as and when you can afford them.

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International Hotel Schools offers a variety of online courses that suit both new and inexperienced students, as well as industry professionals. Every course offers something unique for those who wish to pursue a hospitality career or improve their existing skills. And courses can be tailor-made to suit your learning pathway so that you achieve the very best hospitality outcomes for your career. Working closely with the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute (AHLEI), our subjects on offer cover the full range of hospitality management disciplines and operational areas. IHS is proud to be the only hotel school in South Africa whose diplomas are recognised by AHLEI.

We are also very proud of our Online Campus Alumni - they are working in hotels and resorts all over the world and our list of Alumni continues to grow. For this reason and for all the reasons we’ve listed above, we know for sure that online learning has a place here in our current hospitality environment, as well as in the future. To infinity and beyond with Africa’s Leading Online Hotel School.

If you would like to know more, visit our online website or email online@hotelschool.co.za for further information.