Burning The Midnight Oil

There is no escaping from your online course exams, but exams don’t need to be as agonizing as we think. We have put together a list of very useful tips that will help you get ready for your exams with the least possible stress. Not only can you use these pointers to assist with your exams, but you might even find they come in handy for presentations and online assignments.

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1. Don’t Be Disturbed

A surefire way to ensure that you don’t get disturbed when you preparing to study, is to put your mobile and laptop or computer on ‘do not disturb’ mode. Nobody likes doing this but if you train yourself, or use some of the useful study apps in our Download, Study & Succeed blog, it will help eliminate some of your distractions. Don’t fear, those texts will be there when you finish, they aren’t going anywhere!

2. Choose Your Location Wisely

Choose an environment that has the least possible distractions. In today’s day and age, WIFI makes it possible to literally work from anywhere! Whichever area you choose, make sure you have enough space to spread your textbooks and notes out so you can work comfortably.

3. Make Lists

It is probably the most satisfying thing to be able to tick off each thing on a list; this will be the added motivation you will need to get more done. “To do” lists also help to ensure you don’t forget to do anything.

Make Lists When Studying Online Courses

4. Set The Mood

Each to their own; some people prefer to work in silence while others prefer light background music. You can even create your very own ultimate study playlist of music that helps you concentrate, be it Beethoven or Beyonce, literally whatever it takes to help you study better, do just that! Some people have to work in a neat clean environment, while others like a more cluttered busy situation around them. If need be, burning some essential oils, or scented candles can aid in focusing and retention of information. Here are a few essential oils that might just do the trick!

Set The Mood When Studying Online

5. Reward Yourself

When it comes to actually getting into the groove of studying, your mind tends to wonder and you start to think about everything else you would rather be doing. This is where procrastination comes into play, so bribe yourself and after you finished an item on your to do list reward yourself! Be it to paint your nails, play a game of FIFA 2017 or watch Game of Thrones, whatever you love, give that to yourself as a token of accomplishing items on your to do list.

6. Use Charts and Diagrams

Visual aids are extremely helpful when studying. A good way when starting a new topic is to write down everything you already know about the topic and then whatever you don’t know go back and try fill the gaps. Closer to the exams, try to condense your notes to one-page diagrams, this will help you to quickly recall things.

Use Charts and Diagrams When Studying Online

7. Practice With Past Exam Papers

This is literally one of the most effective ways to study, as you get a general idea of the type of questions the paper might consist of and the format it will take. You can also work on your time management and see how well you faired by looking at the answers to the questions asked. This ia very useful tool to show you the areas you will need to pay more attention to.

8. Organise Study Groups

Get a group of classmates together that will be studying for the same exam as you and try to motivate each other and learn from each other. Share tips and try to test each other’s knowledge on the topics you have covered whilst studying.

Organise Study Groups When Studying Online

9. Take Regular Study Breaks

Studying without taking any breaks is very counterproductive. Decide which time of day suits you best to study, whether it be early mornings at the crack of dawn, during the afternoons or burning the midnight oil. Then try work out how long it takes for you to study before you start getting restless. Go outside and take in some fresh air or sunlight or go for a quick jog if you need to; this helps retain the optimum amount of information.

Take Regular Study Breaks When Studying Online

10. Eat Healthy Food

Try to stay as far away from any junk food as possible. Choose nutritious foods and snacks to munch on while studying. Foods such as fish, nuts, seeds, yoghurt and green vegetables are proven to aid concentration. Don’t forget that on the day of the exam eat a good breakfast so you are able to fully concentrate on your paper without your stomach rumbling and trying to distract you.

11. Drink Plenty of Water

Although caffeine keeps you up longer when you trying to study, don’t over do it with your coffee intake. Being well hydrated is very good for your brain.

Drink Plenty of Water When Studying Online

12. Get Ready to Write

Get everything you need prepped the night before your write. Get the clothes you want to wear to write your paper, ironed and ready. Get a pencil case, with everything you might require, a calculator, an eraser, a pencil, pens, a ruler, a correction pen and highlighters; always take spares just in case. Make sure you revise the night before you sleep, and read through all the rules and regulations of the exam before you go to write.

The last things left to do is to believe in yourself and get enough sleep. So all the best of luck with your up and coming online course exams; we are sure with these useful tips you will achieve top marks!