Acquiring The Correct Presentation Skills is an Asset in Today’s Business Age

It's All About Presentation

Excellent presentation skills are essential to all aspects of the business sector.  

Presentation Skills Speaking to an audience

Presentation skills are vital for getting information across to your audience correctly and effectively, or even closing a deal. Knowing how to effectively deliver your presentation without letting nerves get the better of you is key to ensuring success when you step up to the microphone.

Acquiring the correct presentation skills is an asset in today’s day and age and is required in most fields. Whether you are a student, a teacher, lecturer or big business executive you will definitely need to do some prep work before presenting. So here are some tips on how to start preparation for all your future presentations.

International Hotel School offers a great Online Presentation Skills for Business Professionals Course, allowing you to master all the skills that you could possibly need to make you a better speaker and presenter.

What makes a great presenter?

An excellent presenter has two notable qualities: appropriate skills and personal confidence. Confidence comes from knowing what you want to say and being comfortable with your communication skills.

 Presentations come in all shapes and sizes, but the most common are those where a speaker addresses an audience to deliver a purposeful message (which may or may not include visual aids). To begin with, a presenter must be well-prepared ahead of the event. This includes planning and researching the topic well, writing up various presentation notes, deciding if any visual aids will be used (like PowerPoint) and deciding which outcomes should be achieved through the delivery of the presentation.

Knowing who the audience is and what they hope to gain from the presentation is also helpful in how the message is shaped and delivered. Making eye contact with the audience, asking them for their participation (by a show of hands….or, have you got any questions… etc.), and keeping the presentation simple and to the point all helps to gain the audience’s interest in what you are speaking about.

Don’t let nerves get in the way

Nerves can put anyone off. Controlling nervousness is vital for delivering a flawless presentation that can be understood clearly and make an impact. Being able to convey passion and enthusiasm for the topic that you’re speaking on will help to drive the speaking process and calm the nerves. When you are confident and passionate about your topic, nerves will dissipate. Talking slowly and clearly can also have a calming effect on how you address your audience, and changing your pitch and tone can draw the audience into key areas that you want to focus on. Remember to breathe correctly (slowly and properly) so that you can improve your speech and calm your nerves down.

Be Passionate

The best way to create engagement is to create a connection. You need to be able to show your audience that you are extremely passionate about your topic. Be enthusiastic and honest about your presentation and let your passion shine through. Always smile and try to make as much eye contact as possible. You need to be able to build a good rapport with your audience so they remain focused and you can see their reactions to your presentation.

Gaining the personal confidence to become a great presenter is a click away.

Presentation Skills Presenter talking to an audience

Confidence comes from knowing what you want to say and being comfortable with your communication skills. Through International Hotel School Online you can become a better speaker and presenter when you enrol for the Presentation Skills for the Business Professional course. It’s an intensive 10-week programme that covers the following topics:

  • Establishing rapport with your audience
  • Implementing techniques to reduce nervousness and fear
  • Understanding your strengths as a presenter and how to appeal to different types of people
  • Recognizing how visual aids can create impact and attention
  • Developing techniques to create a professional presence
  • Learning different ways to prepare and organize information
  • Preparing, practising, and delivering a short presentation
  • Presentation Microphone

There are no textbooks or final examinations for this course making it perfect for first-time online students. Lectures, learning resources and assignments are all carried out online and graduates receive the IHS Short Course Certificate when they complete and pass this course.

If you feel you need assistance with presentation skills, get in touch today by calling one of our consultants on 0861 44 33 00 or email us at for further course information, or leave your details and one of our consultants will contact you.