Achieving Success in Hospitality Management

The hospitality industry makes a significant contribution to the national and global economy. As such, the industry requires competent managerial staff who possess the required skills and knowledge for successful hospitality management. Being one of the fastest growing industries in the world hospitality offers exciting career opportunities for driven individuals with dynamic fields of employment ranging from from hotels to restaurants, bars as well as theme parks, country clubs, cruise ships, and many many more. Hospitality management is extremely challenging and not for the faint hearted, it is an all-encompassing profession that requires charisma, skill, drive, and a for you to have a very cool head under pressure. International Hotel School offers a comprehensive Hospitality Online Management Course, that ensures that Students achieving this qualification are competent to apply hospitality-specific front-line and management skills with specific focus on hospitality management. We have put together a list of key skills that will aid you in taking you the pinnacles of success in the Hospitality industry.

IHS Online Management Course

TIP #1 Get the relevant qualification and NEVER stop learning

Hospitality managers are jacks of all trades they are driven, hard-working, and eager to learn and grow. Both hands-on experience and old-fashioned classroom learning combine to produce the most successful managers. Whether or not you already work in hospitality, the first thing you should do is to invest in your education. Education is the foundation of a career then aim to constantly learn the modern standards and practices of the management industry. There are constant changes and trends that arise especially with the whole new digital boom, it is essential to always keep abreast of any happenings in your industry. After you’ve earned your qualification, never ever stop learning, whether that means reading books on business marketing, or watching Youtube videos, subscribing to hospitality related blogs and articles, or working alongside your housekeeping staff for a day, you could even experiment with new cocktail recipes with your bartender. Understand everyone’s job and how they contribute to the establishment’s success.

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TIP #2 Look for a mentor

Reap the knowledge of the industry’s veterans. Mine your professional network, try set up a coffee date with an influential manager or member of a renowned hotel, and ask about both successes and failures. Networking is vital in your career, and it helps to build a good repertoire at very early stages. If you work in hospitality, communicate with your current managers and inform them of your desire to grow professionally. Your initiative and your sincere desire to learn may be enough to spark the interest of someone who can promote you within your current company.

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TIP #3 Aim to impress!

Have a deep unflinching desire to become a leader in your industry and to be a leader you need to first start acting like a leader in your industry. Step one you will firstly need to; get organized; keep a detailed calendar and to-do lists, you can never go wrong with these! Work efficiently at every task you undertake. Aim to impress, not just customers and colleagues but YOURSELF as well.

Follow these simple tips to kick-start your career towards Hospitality Management Success. The Hospitality Industry is a GLOBAL industry with positive trends forecasted for the up and coming years. According to the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC), the industry is promising more growth and a powerful economic influence in the next decade over and above the 260 Million jobs worldwide already created by the industry.

In fact, here are some really exciting worldwide statistics:

  • 7% of WORLDWIDE employment is in Travel & Tourism/ Hospitality
  • Travel & Tourism worldwide is expected to GROW by 4% per annum 2013 - 2023
  • 337 million jobs worldwide by 2023 OR … 1 in every 10 jobs on the planet

The IHS Hospitality Online Management Course, is delivered as a distance learning programme, qualifying learners will through a combination of academic and work-integrated learning, acquire the necessary competencies required to fulfil roles in lower- or middle-management positions within hospitality industry.

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