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The Rooms Division Manager holds a very senior position within a hotel. Reporting to the General Manager and often doubling as an assistant General Manager, the role is incredibly vast and covers overseeing both the Front Office and Housekeeping Operations of a hotel or resort. IHS’s Online Campus offers an exceptional Rooms Division Specialisation package - ideal for the hospitality professional who is eager to embark on an extraordinary journey into the fast-paced world of the Rooms Division Manager. Here are really great tips to help you answer questions in your next Rooms Division Management interview…

1. Why do you want this Rooms Division Management role?

Companies are always looking to hire people who are passionate about the job, so you should have a really good answer as to why you want this position (if you don’t have a good reason, you should apply elsewhere). Firstly in your response to this question you should identify key factors that make you the perfect fit for this role, eg. I really enjoy customer support, because I love the constant human interaction and the satisfaction that comes from helping solve customer problems. The next thing you should share is why you love the company.

2. What prior mistakes have you learnt from in this position?

Candidates who don’t have specific answers don’t come across as very credible. Your example that you share should be inconsequential an example like moving ahead without a group assistance while assigned to a group project, is meant to be collaborative and is a good sign to a potential employee.

3. What challenges are you looking for in this rooms division position?

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The best way to answer this question is to state how you would like to best utilize your skills and experience in this position. You can also state that you are motivated anby challenges and you can say you have the ability to meet challeneges head on. You can also stregthen your case by giving examples of previous instances where you experienced challenges. Mention that you have the flexibility and skills that are required to handle a very challenging role.

4. Describe to us what a typical work week as a rooms division manager consists of?

Before you answer consider the position you are applying for and how your current and past positions could possibly relate. The more you are able to make connections of your past experience with the position you are applying for the more successful you will be in answering the question.

5. Do you have any questions to ask us?

Never ask salary, perks and leave questions here! Try to ask questions pertaining to the company and company culture, about how feedback works and how the reporting will be conducted.

6. Did the salary on offer attract you for this position?

This question could be asked for a number of different reasons. Obviously salary is extremely important in any position, but it should not be the be all and end all. A good answer to this question would be, “The salary is very attractive, but it is the job role that is excited you to apply for the position.”

7. What is your biggest weakness?

Everyone hates answering this question, it really requires a delicate balance. You can’t lie here and say you don’t have one either. Here it is best to say that “Sometimes I get sidetracked by small details,” or you could say “I am still somewhat uncomfortable with my public speaking skills and would really like to give more presentations and talks in front of others or in meetings.” At the end add that you are aware of the problem and you are doing your best to correct it by taking a course of action.

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8. Why should we hire YOU for this position?

This is the part where you allowed to sell yourself a little, where you make links between your skills, your experience and your education as well as not to forget your personality. It is important to be extremely familiar with the job specifications and company culture so you can give examples as to why you would be the best fit.

9. Why do you want to work with us?

Here is where the employer tries to find out what you know about the company and whether or not you are able to identify with the company’s values and vision. Every organization has it’s very own set of strong points and this is what you need to be able to highlight in your answer. If the company values transparency, and it is something that you believe in then state that you feel your values align with the company.

10. What do you know about our company?

These 3 simple research tips will assist yoy before any interview:

  • Visit the company website and look at the “About us” tab and “careers” sections.
  • Visit the company’s Linkedin page.
  • Google a keyword search phrase like “press releases” followed by the company name.

Then proceed to answer n the following manner:

  • What type of product or service the company sells.
  • How long the company has been operating.
  • What the company culture is like, their mission statement and how that relates to you very own

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Remember to always keep your answers focused on work related topics and never drift away to personal life unless you are asked to. It is possible that you may not be the most qualified candidate but you can offer energy and passion and employers love charismatic employees. Always portray yourself as motivated, confident and ready to go the extra mile and commit to the company.

Students who have completed the Specialisation Package in Rooms Division Management are competent to apply hospitality-specific frontline and management skills within the rooms division. This programme introduces students to the hospitality industry and proceeds to cover the management of the front office, housekeeping operations, facilities management as well as general supervision.

Graduates receive the IHS Short Course Certificate as well as an AHLEI award, making this one of the most valuable and sought-after courses on offer at our Online Campus. If you would like to enrol or know more about this programme, give us a call on 0861 44 33 00 or email us your query at