Improve Your Mind & Take an Online Study Break

Do the words “information overload” sound familiar? If so, then you’re in desperate need of a study break! Yup, it’s time to step away from your desk and reboot that brain of yours. After a full day’s work we understand that it can often be difficult to hit the books straight away. Working full-time can often come with all sorts of pressures that leave you feeling stressed out and drained.  Although we have our wonderful online tutors on hand to assist with any query (big or small), we like to give our students that extra boost of confidence and motivation during their online journey, so that they can achieve the goals that they set out for themselves. Here are our 5 things to do when you need a study break:

 1. Spend time outdoors

1. spend time outdoors

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For some people their workdays are spent looking after guest operations or managing front desk operations. Then they return home to enjoy supper with their families, watch some television and eventually once the house is quiet they will buckle down and study. There are those of us that leave our studying to the weekend so that we can pace ourselves throughout the weekend. If you’re struggling to focus and in need some fresh air it’s always a good idea to spend some time outdoors. Find an outdoor activity that you enjoy such as bike riding, trail running, surfing or even visiting a local museum for that hour.

 2. Plug In

4. Plug In

Music has been known to reduce stress and elevate the mood. If you’ve been studying continuously for many hours and you’re in need of a study break, then plug into your favorite tunes. Music has the ability to change your mood from good to bad and it also have the ability to have a positive impact on your productivity. Music triggers that “feel good” moment that gives you that extra push or nudge to continue with your task at hand or wrap up that chapter that you had been putting off. In the wise words of the Jamaican Singer, Bob Marley “one good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain”. 

3. Eat away from your desk (nom nom)

Healthy eating is very important as it fuels the body and ensures that you have enough energy during your studies. It is very important that you eat a balanced meal and that you don’t skip any meals especially breakfast, the most important meal of the day. There are multiple reasons as to why you shouldn’t eat at your study or work desk, besides the crumbs that could gather at your desk. Use your lunch break as an opportunity to step away from your desk, get your blood flowing and give your brain a chance to reboot!

4. Change of scenery

4. Change of scenery

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If you’re in desperate need of a change of scenery, try visiting a local coffee shop. We’re pretty sure that there’s a café in the area that serves up a magnificent cup of cappuccino. If you’re a smoothie fan then pop into a nearby supermarket. What better way to start the day than with a refreshing smoothie! When you’re ready to return to your online learning your mind will have a fresher perspective to go through the study material.

“A change of scenery can help everything”
- Drew Pomeranz

5. Give yourself an awesome pep talk

5 Give yourself an awesome pep talk2

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Without a positive mindset and the drive to achieve your goals then you are definitely setting yourself up to fail. The power of positive thinking can do wonders. It’s always a good idea to remind yourself how awesome you are on a daily basis, how smart you are and believe it. Some techniques to use when you need to give yourself an awesome pep talk: find positive friends, mentors or co-workers, start the day by reading a positive quote on your way to work or simply talk to yourself in the mirror. Below is a list of motivational videos that you can watch if you’re in need of some motivation to:

  1. Richard Branson: Watch Video

  2. Denzel Washington: Watch Video

  3. Simon Sinek: Watch Video

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